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Singer-Songwriter/Producer Kyle Roberts is an up and coming artist from the UK. His songs have a fresh, rustic pop sound, delving in elements of R&B and Hip-Hop.


Kyle's first album, 'Timeline' is due for release for March, with a number of singles already blooming.


From growing up in a small town in South Wales, to studying Music in Cardiff, Kyle spent most of his time writing and recording tracks in his uni dorm. By the end of his uni journey, he'd progressed in his music production skills and gained confidence in performance, playing at many of Cardiff’s hotspots.


Kyle's first single 'Feeling It,' went live on Soundcloud reaching nearly 10k streams in its first week. This gave him the confidence to keep writing and releasing music as a solo artist.


His cover of ‘Sunflower’ by Post Malone ended up on 'Cover Nations,' ‘Top 50 Covers of the year 2018’ on YouTube.


His first album 'Timeline' drops March the 19th and will undoubtedly bring a new flavour to Pop Music in the near future.